Carb Jet Kit Calculator


Calculate what Jet Kit is right for your Honda VF500c Magna V30 1984

CarbJetKits Unique Jet Kit Calculator allows you to find the right Jet Kit for your Honda VF500c Magna V30 1984.

This calculator will consider the altitude, temperature and modifications made to your Bike.

Based on this, the calculator will suggest the optimal Jet Kit for your Honda VF500c Magna V30 1984.

Honda VF500c Magna V30 1984 jet Kit Calculator.


What is the Altitude you are riding in Feet?

If you do not know your altitude, Find it here



What is the average temperature(F) you are riding in?



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Modification Level Air Intake:
All Stock Air Filter
Stock Air Filter Box with improved air filter such as K&N
Pods, Cones or Spikes
Forced Air



Modification Level Exhaust System
All Stock Exhaust system
Stock Exhaust resonator removed or Baffles partly removed
Aftermarket Exhaust system with baffles
Fully open, unbaffled Exhaust system



Modification Level Timing
Stock Timing
Stock timing plus additional advance of 4 degrees or more