BRT Conversion Installation

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Installing our BRT Kits is Not difficult, but requires some wiring work.

First let's identify the BRT Kit Parts:

For the BRT-18 Kit;

Below is an image of the 5050SMD Led Strips.

The BRT-18 Control Unit,


For the BRT-36 Kit;

The BRT-36 5050SMD Led Strips,


The BRT-36 Control Unit,


Both Kits come with wire, heat shrink and quick push connectors.

Let's take a look on how it needs to be wired to your existing system.

The wires in blue on the schematic below are existing wires on your bike.

The Green Dots are the Connection that need to be Made.

Identify using your service manual for your motorcycle the following:

The Rear Brake light wire

The tail Light running light wire

The left and right Turn signal wire.



The BRT Control Units have a total of 3 Wires.

2 wires on one side and one wire on the other side.

The single wire connects to both red wires from your 5050SMD Led strips

On the side of the 2 wires, the Black wire connects to the wire going to the Brake signal on your tail light.

The Red wire connects to the Running or tail light.


The 5050SMD Led strips need to be installed inside your Turn signal housing as shown below.

Turn signal housing are different for all bikes. The image above is one example of such an installation.

The 5050SMD Led strips are best placed near the turn signal lens on the reflector.

To install the 5050SMD Led strips, simply remove the tape on the backside of the strips and attach the strips with the self adhesive backing against the reflector. make sure the area on the reflector is clean, dust and grease free.

Route the Black wire from the 5050 SMD led strip to the back of the Turn signal bulb and connect to the positive turn signal wire inside the turn signal housing. In the image below we soldered and used heat shrink to insulate.(Slide heat shrink over wire before soldering)

Route the red wire from the 5050SMD Led through the turn signal stem to the BRT Control Unit.


Do this for both Left and Right turn signal.

If you not have done so yet, connect the BRT Control Unit to the Brake and Running light of your tail light.

This can be done at the rear tail light or under your seat.

Sometimes the BRT Control unit can be placed inside the tail light or behind the tail light under the fender.

In the image above we used push connectors to connect the brake light and running light.

NOTE: the ground on the image above is disconnected for demostration purposes only and needs to be connected for proper working.




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