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Honda CBR900RR 1998-1999

Jet Kits for the Honda CBR900RR 1998-1999

Not sure what the right Jet kit is for your Bike?

Based on altitude, temperature and modifications made to your Bike,

the Jet Kit calculator will suggest a Jet kit for optimal performance and throttle reponse!

Select a Kit below or use our Jet Kit Calculator

Honda CBR900RR 1998-1999

CODE: Hcbr900rr98B


Jet kit for the Honda CBR900RR 1998-1999

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14 days

Honda CBR900RR 1998-1999 Ultimate

CODE: Hcbr900rr98U


Ultimate Jet kit for the Honda CBR900RR 1998-1999

do you need a D-Shape mixture screw Adjustment Tool?

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