09/27/2015, 10:40

"1995 Honda Magna 750 VF . I'm very glad i purchased a set of new jets for my Magna when i cleaned the carbs . She never run so strong . Great gas response and improved gas milage . Highly recomended"


08/30/2015, 09:06

"Thank God for carbjetkits.com I bought a 1984 Honda Shadow Vt700c that needed a lot of tlc. So I have been working on it for the past 6 months. Got everything done but just couldn't get it running right, sordid a little research and figured out that I needed to rejet the carbs after replacing the exhaust with aftermarket pipes and getting rid of the stock air cleaner system. I came to this site knowing nothing about rejetting except where the jets go. The guide was a life savers just plugged in my info and bingo it told me exactly what I needed. I installed the new jets and it purrs like a cat...runs perfectly, thanks carbjetkit.com...two thumbs up!"


08/14/2015, 16:38

"I love this site. I will never so anywhere else for jet kits. I've never been happier with a parts supplier. I own a 1988 Honda Hurricane 1000f and it runs better than ever thanks to carbjetkits.com"


08/02/2015, 23:57

"Used the calculator to find the correct jets for my 1993 Honda shadow which is heavily modded. Worked perfectly!! Will be doing business with you guys again once I build the turbo kit for my bike! Thanks again!"


07/20/2015, 09:10

"The kit was perfect and the bike runs great. What was most valuable was the system in place to calculate the correct jets for specific setup. It made it easy. I didn't need them but I looked at the instructions and they were well written so some one who did not know much about their carb can install these kits."


07/20/2015, 09:09

"I ordered these from a recommendation from the HondaShadow.net forums, and I'm certainly glad that I did. The Shadow tended to be a bear on cold starts, but since installing these jets and the needle valve shim, it starts right up. There's no more coughing or sputtering, and I can be on my way in two minutes, just enough time to gear up! I'll definitely order another set if I make any modifications to my setup, and the calculator takes all the guess work out of it. Definitely recommended."


06/23/2015, 22:41

"thanks the jets fixxed my problem thanks "


06/07/2015, 00:42

"Ordered larger jets for my 86 vf700c magna and was very satisfied bike runs like new. Thanks again! !"


05/28/2015, 17:37

"1994 honda magna 750 cc. it big difference than before very smooth throttle more faster more respond more gas. I very glad "


05/05/2015, 20:06

"Incredible. I installed your jet kit on my 1985 Honda Shadow VT700C. Before your kit the bike dogged at low rpm. Now she runs like a new bike. I am amazed and pleased beyond words. "

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