01/05/2013, 09:22

"Bought this jet kit for a 2009 Honda Rebel that was experiencing lean mixture problems. Although I haven't ridden the bike much since installing the kit, the time I have the off idle flat spot and the mid throttle surge are gone. Bike runs great now."


12/13/2012, 09:12

"The "D" tool and jets arrived quickly, and where exactly as advertised. The tool works excellent. I will be ordering from Carbjetkits.com from now on."


11/19/2012, 12:33

"This has been the best money I've spent on my bike yet. All of my lean issues: roll-on studder, deceleration popping, high egts are completely eliminated. The bike has a lot more punch and low end. Feels like a completely different bike. Installation instructions are excellent, shipping was extremely fast, and quality of parts is high. I will definitely use Carbjetkits.com in the future for any other projects I have. "


11/08/2012, 16:30

"This was my second kit, and once again, worked GREAT!!"


11/03/2012, 02:13

"I've needed a carb jet kit for a year now for my 2012 Honda Rebel and Hovent found a decent priced one anywhere. I contacted carbjetkits website through the "contact us" link and within 45 minutes they had added my jet kit to their products line AND their Jet Kit Calculator. Outstanding customer Service!"


10/30/2012, 19:48

"Purchased the BRT-36 for my 96 Honda Magna. Great application!! Using clear lens the red LEDs look and equal the glow of the break light. Neither over power the other. Looks Great!! If motorists don't see my break lights now they''re not pay attention!! Great Product!! Thanks!! "


10/29/2012, 01:21

"Just finished Honda CB 750 K main jet up and needle shims and although this is my first time working on motorcycle carbs at all the instructions on the sight were easily followed even though example did not match exactly what I had.. The instal went by smoothly. After removing carbs the install of jets and shims took about ten minutes..
Loved the jets"


10/17/2012, 23:49

"Got my jets in today and they look great and are just what I ordered. Thanks guys. "


10/17/2012, 18:47

"performed a miracle on my forever lean-running 1984 gl1200 that seemed to have no cure for mid-range
stumble and hesitation...tx "


10/10/2012, 08:55

"your Jet kit really made my bike come alive it really runs strong and good im very happy Thank you i have told all my friends"

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