08/31/2012, 21:17

"I just installed my CARBJETKITS kit and FINALLY my 2007 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100 C2 runs like it should!!! I had been so frustrated after I installed a "name brand" kit from a leading manufacturer, and my bike performance was terrible. I had loud popping on deceleration, hard to start, would "hunt" when cruising... I had called this other manufacturer several times, and nothing would help my bike.
I decided to try the CARBJETKITS kit, and I was amazed how simple it was, with no modifications, and my bike instantly ran like it should, easy start, not popping out the exhaust, and wow lots more power. This is the best kit, not to mention that it has the best price too! I am going to recommend this kit to everyone I know. (I am running hard krome exhaust, with K&N filter on my Sabre.)"


08/29/2012, 16:02

"These guys know what's going on installed my kit on 1983 interceptor 750 and it runs so much better it's like night & day!
I had a little tuning problem contacted carbjets & john responded
immediatly to me and his info was spot on.
Thank you rick"


08/26/2012, 18:05

"kit arrived quickly, and although I had never broken down this bike the online instructions were great. Started on first tap when back together, and recommendations for correct kit were righton."


08/21/2012, 07:23

"Guy, fast delivery result 100 0/0 my carbs smooth ride."


08/20/2012, 10:59

"I have a 98 Valkyrie , put a set of cobra 6 into 6, removed the baffles, and put a k&n air filter, call theses guys told them what I had done and the sent me the kit, my mechanic looked at it and scratched his head... 2 sizes up on the small jets, 2 extra washers on the needles, and 7 sizes up on the mains, went from 100 stock to 115's on the main jets, he questioned me was I sure this was right???? I told him I had called and talked to them in person, and they said this was what I needed, put them in, about 4 hours later we fired it up, sat and idled smoother than before I did any changes, we looked at each other and just smiled, now the real test, down the road about 6 miles letting it warm up, turned around and WOW!!!!' hang on !!! I don't know how it could have been any better, no hesitation, no stumbling, just steady PULL!!! We put 260 miles on yesterday, run fine under (normal driving conditions) my mechanism said he would never have believed that it ran ok on the stock jets, and we could go from 100's to 115's and it not be too rich, but I think they were on the money, don't question what they send you, just put them in and smile when you twist that throttle!!!!!!"


07/18/2012, 13:37

"I rarely google and buy something from a site other than Amazon but this was a very good experience. The carb jet kit arrived on time and someone took the time to pack and carefully label the small parts. My bike is now running like it did when I bought it in 2002! Thank you."


07/16/2012, 01:08

"Hi, after getting the jets installed and getting the bike back together i was so wanting to take it for a spin. the throttle response with it sitting in the driveway was how can I say it AWESOME.
after letting the week of rain pass i was able to take the bike for a 22 mile trip, let me tell you the response from the bike is the difference between night and day. "WOW" a great upgrade to the 1500 and was needed over 40k miles ago. this is the best the bike has ever ran. Thank You, Thank You"


07/10/2012, 19:38

"This is what need it after filter and exhaust mod great parts fast delivery thanks "


07/06/2012, 16:22

"and the installation was dead simple. Quality of the parts looks superior to the oem originals I pulled out of the carbs too. All packaging was clearly marked and if you've pulled the carbs on your bike apart before, as I have, the install couldn't be easier. I'll write another review once I get the bike back up and running with the new exhaust and everything reinstalled. Hoping this set gets my cafe racer project moving nice and quick after it's all back together!"


06/27/2012, 12:20

"Top quality!! fast delivery. Bike runs so smooth up through the range now. Starts cold without the choke. Highly recommend Carbjetkits!!"

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