07/25/2014, 02:42

"I'll admit , i was sceptical at first about how much of an improvement rejetting can make but Damn ! This really made a difference for my 96 Honda vt 1100 .
It cleared up the hesitation on heavy acceleration and decreased popping ... Throttle is much smoother too
Thanks so much guys !"


07/23/2014, 09:22

"This is a great deal. I used the calculator to determine what kit I needed, then ordered it and it works like a charm. "


07/17/2014, 18:03

"Ordered my jet kit off the recommendations of the calculator. First time jetting a carb. Shipping was super fast. Cleaned the carbs, popped in the new jets, and needle shims. Bike fired right up. Great to only have to pull the carbs once. "


07/12/2014, 05:00

"Totally worth to buy kit. My Honda VT700 1985 changed a lot, more power, better idle, no hesitation at 1/4 throttle. You made this bike super now"


07/11/2014, 02:02

"My 1983 v65 Magna has a mac 4 to 1 exhaust, and the jets have never been changed, 31 years. The simple jet calculator said ultimate, I said what the heck, for the price, to it me was worth it to check it out, well the bike runs smoother now, its not as noisy now at idle. Fast shipping, nice packing material. Thank you CarbJetKits, It worked for me."


07/06/2014, 10:39

"Motorcycle was running super lean. I calculated what size of jets and shims I needed. I came onto order and found their jet calculator!! Used their calculator and it recommended the 120 jets. I had 122 calculated. Got the jet and shims and bike is running much better now!Thank You so much! Gave them a 4 star for shipping because I wish I could have had the jets and shims shipped Priority. Even with this shipping, it only took 4 days from Florida to Arizona."


06/27/2014, 21:18

"Honda Shadow 1100. Got a great deal on the bike and got it running. It popped on decel and had some serious power problems since the previous owner put pipes and intake on it.
Ordered and 2 days later can't believe the difference. Bike rides like a bat out of hell. This was easy and worked perfectly!!! My smile was ear to ear after the first ride.


06/22/2014, 08:28

"Great price and very fast shipping thanks for shipping USPS. "


05/25/2014, 08:35

"Fast delivery,nicely pakaged,everything the way they said it would be, couldn't say more excellent company."


04/15/2014, 11:11

"Flawless from the jet calc to install, these folks are providing a heck of a service to bikers. Support them by making your bike run awesome."

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