04/25/2013, 22:52

"96 Honda Magna 750; Cobra Pipes & K&N AF, always took 15+ mins to warm up and would always pop when off throttle down a hill. Jets installed and bike has never run/sounded so good. 2min warm up-ready to go. Thanks CarbJetsKits for an awesome product.
By the way love the BRT kit also!!"


04/18/2013, 19:48

"Ordered 4 idles and 4 mains. Calculator was right on. Put these in my 94 CBR600F2. It had sat for 10 years. I cleaned jets to get running and ran for 1 year. Ordered these to replace. Took it out for a test run. Seems smooth and powerful. Still need to set idle air mixture screws. But so far so good. D tool will help with adjustment. Will follow up when tuned in 100%. But for now looks really good."


04/14/2013, 14:44

"Jet Kit Worked Great Better performance all round 1999 VLX 600


04/14/2013, 14:41

"Worked like a charm very easy


03/22/2013, 18:44

"I got the parts in just a few days and they made a major difference on my VT1100 Sabre. Improved responsiveness and faster warmups. No more popping either. Don't waste your money on other kits."


03/18/2013, 07:06

"My bike was running really lean. I searched for a couple weeks and found these guys. After thinking it over for some time I chanced it. It was worth it!!! My bike runs alot better. After some fine tuningy baby will be great"


03/07/2013, 10:26

"I bought and installed this kit on my 1998 Honda Shadow VT 600. The results have been fantastic. It idles and accelerates much better. I would recommend this kit to anyone. Installation was a snap and the instructions were clear and concise. I am ordering one for my son's Yamaha next."


02/21/2013, 11:56

"Kit came with pilot and main jet, and washer for needle. Honda should have jetted it this way. HUGE difference, runs perfect top to bottom. Fast shipping, quality stuff. "


01/15/2013, 00:57

"Just the best company. They truly seem like experts in this field. I had specific questions and sent an email... the service department and I were communicating so quickly back and forth, it was like we were texting. A great company... oh, and the jet kit worked perfectly!"


01/14/2013, 17:45

"i was leary of using aftermarket and not OEM jets on my 94 cbr1000f but this kit from the calculator +3 mains +1 pilots +2 shims worked flawlessly. i installed kit for a richer mix and power performance. i was very happy with the kit. superfast shipping and great jet size upgrade. i recomend using the calculator."

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