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Carburetor Bank Removal on a Magna V45 part 2

Carburetor Bank Removal on a Magna V45 part 2


This section is an example on how to remove the carburetor bank. We are showing this on a magna V45.

Note: Clicking on any image will show you a full size image in a new window.


Find the choke cable bracket on the left side.

Remove the 3 bolts as shown in the image below.

choke cable bracket


Remove the choke knob by loosening the choke nut.

choke nut

Slide the choke knob with cable out and let the choke cable bracket hang.

remove the 2 screws from the throttle cable assembly and take the cables off as shown below.

throttle cable assembly

When done it should look like in the image below.

throttle cable assembly


remove the 2 screws that hold the air intake snorkel.

there is one on each side.

air intake snorkel

Slide the air intake snorkel towards the back of the bike to remove.

When done, it should look like in the picture below.

air filter





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