Carburetor Bank Removal on a Magna V45 part 3

Carburetor Bank Removal on a Magna V45 part 3


This section is an example on how to remove the carburetor bank. We are showing this on a magna V45.

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The air cleaner lid is attached with 9 screws.

Remove all 9 screws.

Slide the air filter lid out on either left or right side of the bike.

air filter removal


Remove the 3 screws that hold the air filter spacer, but leave the spacer where it is.

air filter spacer


The carbs are still attached with the boots on the intake spigots.

Loosen the boot nuts at the intake spigot side.

intake boots

Now the fun part, lift the carburetor bank from the intake spigots.

You might have to work the boots a little before they come loose, but be careful not to damage anything.

Remove the carburetor assembly by sliding it out towards the left side of the bike, starting with the rear end of the carburetor assembly.

carburetor assembly removal


Note: you will notice that there is a hose attached to the front.

remove this before completely removing your carburetor assembly.

the picture below shows thsi hose after the carburetor assembly has been removed.

carburetor assembly removal


Cover the open intakes!