I've been converting a Honda Rebel 250 into a bobber and cut the stock exhaust which caused jetting problems. The jet kit calculator worked great. Service was quick and easy.
My 94 Magna had sat for over 8 years and now she is running great again thanks to the your product. Lower RPM would bog down and make the exhast pop and snap until I replaced the plague plagued pilot jets. Now she runs better than new. Thanks Gang. If you don't have one make sure you order the D-Tool, cant beat it for the price.
Have V&H pipes and K&N (big fan of ampersands) filter on an '03 Magna. Now cranks cold with no choke, smooth through the power band and I haven't really thought about it, but I think the decel pop is gone.
Great place to buy from. Easy to install & now my bike runs great! Thanks CarbJetKits!
Jet kit is easy to install. My honda 1100 runs great. It gets about four miles to gallon better mileage.
The Ultimate kit for my 1985 Honda VT500c worked perfectly. My exhaust mod is cutting the 2 into 1 section of the stock muffler off, removing the guts, then a simple welded patch creating a small chamber that connects to the right side pipe only. Still using stock airbox and filter. I now experience 'accidental' wheelies. It's like a whole new bike.
Jet calcuation was perfect!If you know what your modification level is,use these guys' jet calculator formula and use their installation instruction link,then chances are you're going to be happy with the results.I know that I am!
Bike had not run in years. I was told it ran "good" when parked. I installed the jet kit per calculated results and it fired right up and let me tell you I didn't think a 700cc bike could be this quick!! I thought about playing around with the jet sizes but there is no need the way this bike runs now.
I have a 1979 Honda CX 500 and I recently made some modifications (air pods, 2 to 1 exhaust). I noticed my vehicle wasn't on the list, so I e-mailed CarbJetKits and asked for the specs. 2 days later they sent me a link to a page. I clicked the link and there it was. They had created a page for my bike in 2 days! I ordered the kit, installed it (Very Easy) and now 'ol Dorothy is running cleaner, smoother and stronger than she ever has! Thanks CJK!
Great is all I have to say from the calculator shipping price and the best part how to do it. I was going to pay someone 100 $ to jet my honda cmx250 but I did it in 30 minutes with ease. Highly recommended to all.
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