Excellent service, noticeable improvement in performance.
Hey guys,
Jets came in today, installed them and a new K7N pod filter and I LOVE the horsepower increase !
This was a quick,painless and awesome order !
Thanks Much
My 97 magna runs better after the jet kit installation than it did when I bought the bike new!!!
This kit was very easy to intall. The parts fit perfectly and the bike works better than when it was new. Recommend these kits to everyone.
I had the carbs rebuilt and installed. the bike would not idel quite right. I installed the jet kit and wow what a difference the engine is now smooth and the power is far better.
Great price and great product. Awesome communication and instructions. I will be recommending carb jet kits to all my riding buddies!
Re-jetted a 2005 250 Rebel with the ultimate kit. Bike is now ready to run in about 2 minutes, accelerates all the way to red line, NO MORE 20 MINUTE WARM UP TIME. Best money spent on the bike.
Ordered the Ultimate CarbJetKit for my '07 Honda Sabre. Installed and worked great. I have a few questions, called CarbJetKit guy and he took care of us.
I have a 1985 Honda elite 150 and highly recommend this kit for better performance. Provides smoother idling, better throttle response in the low, mid and high range. Better for speeds above 55mph. No more running lean at wot that would ruin your engine. Highly recommend getting this kit. Fast shipping and great customer service.
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