By far THE best, and least expensive upgrade I've done to this bike. I had recently installed a new exhaust and K&N air filter, and was moderately impressed, but the Jet Kit tied it all together perfectly. Runs smoother and way stronger! Even sounds better. I didn't have to do any guesswork and the instructions were very easy. GOOD JOB GUYS!!!
Totally happy with your jet kit, quick shipping, and customer service/including fast email response! This was the first time I ever broke carbs down and couldn't believe how easy it was to re-jet...instructions were clear and concise.

I switched my 86 Shadow from stock air intake to pod filters, added after market pipes, and the handy calculator helped take the guessing out of the equation. Performance has improved dramatically! Thank you!
After installing the cobra slip on exhaust for my magna I decided to go with this kit to up the main jet from 102 to 105 and the pilot from 40 to 42. My experience thus far with this setup has been amazing, the bike opens up much sooner and the power is incredible. I feel that using the dynojet kit which comes with a 108 main jet would have been too much and the drilling turned me away from them too. This jet kit also helped remove the midrange leanness that the magnas tend to have on a stock jet setup. The only way to make this kit better is if they start selling it as a full rebuild kit.
I installed a carbon fiber slip-on and your jet kit at the same time on my '95 CB1000 , I can't believe it's the same bike!!! All this performance for $19.95 is crazy! Thanks again!
Orderd using the Jet Kit Calculator, & was Very impressed! Jetting is spot on, made my 99 Honda Magna runs strong & crisp with a K&N filter & custom exhaust.
My Magna V45 got her power back after installing the Jet Kit. I had the muffler modified and a K&N air filter installed,. This made my bike run very lean and loose some power. Now I got the power of a magna back and then some! I ordered the Basic kit with 2 shims per carb and adjusted the air fuel screw as per carbjetkits. Can't beat this deal!
Just finished up installing jet kit. WOW !!! 110% improvement in performance !!!!!!! Thanks... you guys Rock !
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