Previous owner of a 2000 Honda Magna changed out the pipes but did not re-jet carbs so it would only run with choke on...I re-jetted with recommended set and bike is running like a champ now! Great price and recommendation.
Never done this before but job was very easy. Delivery to The Netherlands was very fast (within a week).
If someone needs more performance this kit is perfect for the job as well as the customer service.
wizard was great jetting works perfect, wifeys bike runs great! A+++
Got K&N stock air filter and some new exhaust pipes. Used the wizard to size the jets. Bought the full jet kit with the shims and installed. Bike runs great! Needs very little choke to start. Very little warm up time. Runs smooth.
Used the calculator to get what kit in need for my Magna, with cobra pipes, and K&N air filter. Put it in the kit, and the bike runs great, no more throttle lag.
Thanks guys, your no drill, stage two kit really brought my bike to life. It starts easier, idles smoother, and no longer shutters under wide open throttle! great kit!
I am very happy with the Jet Kit that I purchased. My 1986 Honda Shadow has never ran this good. This kit fixed my hesitation problem and my motorcycle has lots of power for a 700cc engine. Thank you for making my experience with your company and your jet kits so convenient.
I too was a skeptic, I used the calculator and glad I did. My 1985 Honda shadow VT500C runs like a completely different bike! I had a slight bog when opening the throttle from an idle. Problem solved. :) Will use again if I put the MAC pipes on.
I have vlx 600 but new jets in the carb BOY what a great thing to do to your bike run like bat out of hell best fix and bang for the buck
Outstanding Web Site. Great Service. My Honda Shadow runs better than I ever imagined it would!!!!!!!
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