Jet Installation on Scooter Linhai 300

Jet Installation on Scooter Linhai 300

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We are showing a jet kit installation on a Linhai Scooter, but this procedure is very similar to cn250 and other scooters and dune buggy's.


Presuming you already removed the air filter box, here is the top view of the carburetor.

linhai carburetor top view

Loosen the screw as indicated above and completely remove the air filter box.


Then remove the screw on the other side of the carb as shown below.

linhai carburetor top view

The carb is now able to be turned over.

linhai carburetor top view

Before you turn the carb upside down, drain the fuel by opening the fuel drain screw located at the bottom of the carb.

There is a long tube attached leading to the bottom of the scooter just in front of the rear tire.

catch the fuel in a bowl  and do not smoke please.

Turn the carb on its side and loosen two bolts as shown below to remove the throttle cables.

Throttle cable removal

The next image shows one throttle cable removed.

Throttle cable removal


and then both cables removed.

Throttle cable removal


Turn the carb upside down and remove the 2 electrical wirers as shown.

wire removal

When done it should look like this.

wire removal


Remove the carb bowl by removing the 3 screws as shown below. be careful not to strip the screws.

Carb Bowl Removal


Identify your jets.

Jets identified

1 Main Jet

2 Pilot / slow Jet

Remove the old main jet using a flat screwdriver and a wrench.

The wrench will hold the main jet holder in place.

Install your new main jets but be careful not to overtighten.

Jet removal

If you ordered an Ultimate jet kit from carbJetKits:

Remove the Pilot Jet #2 using a flat screwdriver.

replace with your new Pilot jets. Be careful not to overtighten!

Mount the float bowl back.

Adjusting the fuel mixture.

If you purchased the Basic Kit:

Turn your fuel mixture screw 1/2 turn further open then stock setting.

If you purchased the Ultimate kit:

Start out with your stock setting since you increased your pilot jet size, that is unless you know that you require more..

Most bikes stock setting for your fuel mixture screw is 2 1/2 turns out.

Turn the fuel mixture screw clockwise until you find a resistance, but do not overtighten!

Now turn counter-clockwise until you reached your desired setting.