Jet Installation

Jet Installation


This section is an example on how to install Jets.

We are showing this on a magna V45, but the install is very similar on any bike.

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Showing a carburetor bank removed from bike.

carburetor bank


Before we start please make sure you drained all fuel from the carburetors by opening the drainscrews on the carburetor bowls. Do not turn your carburetors upside down to drain the fuel. do not smoke and keep away from open flames.


Turn the carburetors upside down on a covered work area not to damage any intake horns.

carbs upside down


Remove the float bowls by removing the screws as indicated above. Again, work on 1 carb at the time.

Here is how it looks with the bowl removed.

bowl removed


#1 Main Jet

#2 Pilot jet

#3 Fuel Mixture screw

jet identification


main jet replacement

Remove the old main jet using a flat screwdriver and a wrench.

The wrench will hold the main jet holder in place.

Install your new main jets but be careful not to overtighten.


If you ordered an Ultimate jet kit from carbJetKits:

Remove the Pilot Jet #2 using a flat screwdriver.

replace with your new Pilot jets. Be careful not to overtighten!

Mount the float bowl back.


Adjusting the fuel mixture.

If you purchased the Basic Kit:

Turn your fuel mixture screw 1/2 turn further open then stock setting.

If you purchased the Ultimate kit:

Start out with your stock setting minus 1/2 turn since you increased your pilot jet size, that is unless you know that you require more..


If you purchased a Jet Kit calculated Jet kit:

No or light Modification set initially to Stock settings minus 3/4 turns if your pilot jet is larger then stock pilot jet. If pilot jet is the same, use stock setting

Moderate modification set initially to stock settings minus 1/2 turns

Heavy modification set initially to stock settings minus 1 turn


example, your stock setting is 2 1/2 turns open:

Light modification set to 2 1/2 turns open

Moderate modification set to 2 turns open

heavy modification set to 1 1/2 turn open

These are the starting settings and might need to be adjusted later.


Most bikes stock setting for your fuel mixture screw is 2 1/2 turns out.

Turn the fuel mixture screw clockwise until you find a resistance, but do not overtighten!

Now turn counter-clockwise until you reached your desired setting.