Needle Shim Installation

Needle Shim Installation


This section is an example on how to add shims to your needle. We are showing this on a magna V45, but the install is very similar on any bike.

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Here is a carb bank where we need to remove the choke linkage bar first.

choke linkage bar

Remove the 2 screws as indicated. Be carefull not to loose the springs.


here is the carb bank with the choke linkage bar removed.

choke linkage bar removed


On the following image, you can see all parts.

choke linkage bar layout


Remove the carburetor top by removing the 3 screws as indicated in the picture bellow.

work on 1 carburetor at the time to not mix parts.

Be careful removing the screws, they tend to strip out easily.

carb top removal


This picture shows you the carb with the top removed.

carb top removed


Remove the diaphragm slide assembly as shown.

diaphragm slide removal


diaphragm removed.

diaphragm slide removal


Carefully dissasemble the slide by pushing the needle up to release the needle holder.

Pushing needle up


Inside , you see the needle and one factory shim.

leave the factory shim on the needle and add 1 or 2 CarbJetKits shims (depending on your order).

Image below shows the needle with one CarbJetKits shim added.

needle shims added


Install the needle holder. Make sure it is all the way seated into the top slide.

reinstall the slide assembly and spring.

Make sure the diaphragm seats into the groove on the carburetor body before installing the carb top.

Use the pictures above as a reference to make sure everything is back in place.

install the choke linkage bar.