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CarbJetKits Unique Jet Kit Calculator allows you to find the right Jet Kit for your Motorcycle.

This calculator will consider the altitude, temperature and modifications made to your Bike.

Based on this, the calculator will suggest lower, same or higher jet sizes for your Jet Kit.

We are adding more Motorcycles constantly!

Using the CarbJetKits Jet Kit calculator is the only way to reach optimal performance

and avoiding constant changes to your jetting as all other jet kits require you to do.

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08/25/2013, 08:04

"Great is all I have to say from the calculator shipping price and the best part how to do it. I was going to pay someone 100 $ to jet my honda cmx250 but I did it in 30 minutes with ease. Highly recommended to all."


08/09/2013, 10:35

"Very happy with these jets. Oredered them for my 82 Honda Magna 750 and they were a perfect fit. The calculator was extremely helpful in figureing out the size I needed. Will definatly order from this site again as well as recommend it to anyone I know needing jets. "


07/17/2013, 16:10

"Got K&N stock air filter and some new exhaust pipes. Used the wizard to size the jets. Bought the full jet kit with the shims and installed. Bike runs great! Needs very little choke to start. Very little warm up time. Runs smooth."


07/11/2013, 11:03

"Used the calculator to get what kit in need for my Magna, with cobra pipes, and K&N air filter. Put it in the kit, and the bike runs great, no more throttle lag. "


05/09/2013, 21:44

"bike would stumble when applying light throttle. pretty much in any gear at any speed.used carbjetkits calculator to determine correct jet kit needed. ordered . received jet kit fast and order was correct. installation was easy.bike runs as should now. stumble / hesitation eliminated. i would recommend carjetkits. "


10/17/2012, 18:47

"performed a miracle on my forever lean-running 1984 gl1200 that seemed to have no cure for mid-range
stumble and hesitation...tx "


08/14/2012, 08:11

"Used the calculator. Ordered the recommended slow and high speed jets. Arrived fast. Once installed my 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 never ran better. Highly recommended."


08/06/2012, 14:43

"Overall excellent service! I had help from the beginning with the jet kit calculator all the way to the installation with their guides. Would buy again."


06/26/2012, 09:14

"whaaaaahhhhhhhmmmmmm waaaaaahhhhhhh! 85mph seems to be the new sweet spot! :)"


06/24/2012, 09:44

"This company has their **** together. I just bought a jet kit using their jet kit calculaotor for my 2000 Honda vlx 600. After buying a high performance air filter and different (louder pipes) They hit the jet sizes right on. (I have great performance & plug readings) It was shipped for free, and in my mail box in 3 days! Not to mention a super great deal. I was looking into spending around 75 bones on a name brand jet kit. Got what I needed from them for 16. THUMBS UP FOR CARBJETKITS.COM !!"

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