Bike's with Jet Kit Calculator

CarbJetKits Unique Jet Kit Calculator allows you to find the right Jet Kit for your Motorcycle.

This calculator will consider the altitude, temperature and modifications made to your Bike.

Based on this, the calculator will suggest lower, same or higher jet sizes for your Jet Kit.

We are adding more Motorcycles constantly!

Using the CarbJetKits Jet Kit calculator is the only way to reach optimal performance

and avoiding constant changes to your jetting as all other jet kits require you to do.

If you like to see your Bike listed below, Request it here

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11/15/2018, 13:22

"Awesome site and product."


01/04/2015, 15:25

"I like to see listed a KTM 300 "


08/31/2014, 21:45

"Need more bikes listed"


07/23/2014, 09:22

"This is a great deal. I used the calculator to determine what kit I needed, then ordered it and it works like a charm"


07/17/2014, 18:04

"Ordered my jet kit off the recommendations of the calculator. First time jetting a carb. Shipping was super fast. Cleaned the carbs, popped in the new jets, and needle shims. Bike fired right up. Great to only have to pull the carbs once. "


07/12/2014, 05:01

"Had the jets for my 750 Aero in 2 days, and had them installed in 2 hrs. Bike runs so much better. Your "jet calculator" made getting the right parts too easy. "


08/25/2013, 08:04

"Great is all I have to say from the calculator shipping price and the best part how to do it. I was going to pay someone 100 $ to jet my honda cmx250 but I did it in 30 minutes with ease. Highly recommended to all."


08/09/2013, 10:35

"Very happy with these jets. Oredered them for my 82 Honda Magna 750 and they were a perfect fit. The calculator was extremely helpful in figureing out the size I needed. Will definatly order from this site again as well as recommend it to anyone I know needing jets. "


07/17/2013, 16:10

"Got K&N stock air filter and some new exhaust pipes. Used the wizard to size the jets. Bought the full jet kit with the shims and installed. Bike runs great! Needs very little choke to start. Very little warm up time. Runs smooth."


07/11/2013, 11:03

"Used the calculator to get what kit in need for my Magna, with cobra pipes, and K&N air filter. Put it in the kit, and the bike runs great, no more throttle lag. "

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