03/31/2012, 08:36

"I'm a Canadian customer, good customer service, value and shipping. The product fit perfectly, the instructions were easy and in the end the bike runs better then ever. Thanks."


03/25/2012, 09:12

" Orderd from Canada had jets in hand in under a week ,good prices , fast service excellant.... highly recommended."


03/17/2012, 19:25

"Awesome service, fast shipping, great installation instructions, would definitely recommend to others!!"


03/07/2012, 21:37

"added a mac 4-2 to my cb1000c, ran so lean it turned the new pipes bronze, polished them back to chrome and installed the new jets, it may actually run better than before"


03/07/2012, 21:22

"Advice and great service. About jet sizes for my bike and intake pipes and running the 104 octane. Recommend. "


02/20/2012, 12:13

"WOW !!!! I thought the speed fairy had visited me during the night !! This kit was a breeze to install. And then came the FUN part.......Driving the newly found Beast within.......It was like the bike is on a full time adrenaline rush, more power, better acceleration, better everything !! If you have made ANY mods to your bike, you own it to yourself AND your bike to install the correct kit for your mods from these guys........."


02/20/2012, 09:04

"Jet size calculator is a very useful tool. Answered the queations and ordered recomended size jets. They arrived sooner than expected. Poduct fits and easy to intstall. Highly recommend your site."


02/07/2012, 14:42

"WHat can I say? This jet kit combined with a K&N filter and V&H pipes makes the bike run better than I knew it could! I cheated myself by not doing the re-jet sooner!"


01/02/2012, 12:24

"Very simple and succinct. Installation straightforward. Results were what I expected. Bike runs great. Loved the jet kit calculator----spot on."


12/14/2011, 22:04

"By far THE best, and least expensive upgrade I've done to this bike. I had recently installed a new exhaust and K&N air filter, and was moderately impressed, but the Jet Kit tied it all together perfectly. Runs smoother and way stronger! Even sounds better. I didn't have to do any guesswork and the instructions were very easy. GOOD JOB GUYS!!!"




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