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Kit corrected the lean condition after adding free flowing exhaust THANKS
Got K&N stock air filter and some new exhaust pipes. Used the wizard to size the jets. Bought the full jet kit with the shims and installed. Bike runs great! Needs very little choke to start. Very little warm up time. Runs smooth.
1994 honda magna 750 cc. it big difference than before very smooth throttle more faster more respond more gas. I very glad
kit arrived quickly, and although I had never broken down this bike the online instructions were great. Started on first tap when back together, and recommendations for correct kit were righton.
1/16/16 POD FILTER jey kit.

I just installed this jet kit. on my 85 vt500 bobber. I used both shims and PLESE NOTE MY SLIDES ARE DRILLED.

I set the A/F screws at the stock setting of 2.25 turns out. She fired up cold; 50* outside temp; instantly. WITHOUT choke but with winter time spark plugs. I set the idle and took her out. SHE RAN like a raped Ape. Fast as hell.

Thank you Carbjetkit for taking the time and R&D to find the PERFECT set-up for this mod. AWESOME JOB guys/gals.
Ordered my jet kit off the recommendations of the calculator. First time jetting a carb. Shipping was super fast. Cleaned the carbs, popped in the new jets, and needle shims. Bike fired right up. Great to only have to pull the carbs once.
I placed pods on my 1982 honda nighthawk 750. Barely running. Placed your kit. Fantastic. Starts and runs great. Thanks
I'm a Canadian customer, good customer service, value and shipping. The product fit perfectly, the instructions were easy and in the end the bike runs better then ever. Thanks.
Great is all I have to say from the calculator shipping price and the best part how to do it. I was going to pay someone 100 $ to jet my honda cmx250 but I did it in 30 minutes with ease. Highly recommended to all.
Installed the jets and the bike runs better than new thanks
Hvt1100c295U - Honda VT1100C2 1995-2007 Ultimate

I emailed to ask about jets in other kits compared to shims. I recieved an email within minutes with a link explaining why uses shims. In another email the associate realized I was confused on a related issue on my bike and clarified that for me. Customer service like this is (or so I thought) a thing of the past.

The jet kit was easy to install. The instructions were simple and complete. My '98 Honda Shadow A.C.E VT1100C-2 was running terrible. With the jet kit and a high flow air filter, I don't use choke to start, and the performance is more than I imagined. I have recommended to anyone I talk to who hasn't installed a jet kit yet. I am more than satisfied with the personal care I received, and can't say enough about the affordable jet kit.
This was my second kit, and once again, worked GREAT!!
I put pods on my 1982 honda nighthawk 750. Wouldn't hardly run. Placed your kit. Fantastic improvement. Thank you
Order was processed and delivered quickly! there was a small mix up in jet size but they responded to my email resolving the matter at 11PM EST on a Saturday night! got themselves a customer for life! I will recommend to everyone I can!
Just the best company. They truly seem like experts in this field. I had specific questions and sent an email... the service department and I were communicating so quickly back and forth, it was like we were texting. A great company... oh, and the jet kit worked perfectly!
Ordered 4 idles and 4 mains. Calculator was right on. Put these in my 94 CBR600F2. It had sat for 10 years. I cleaned jets to get running and ran for 1 year. Ordered these to replace. Took it out for a test run. Seems smooth and powerful. Still need to set idle air mixture screws. But so far so good. D tool will help with adjustment. Will follow up when tuned in 100%. But for now looks really good.