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I have vlx 600 but new jets in the carb BOY what a great thing to do to your bike run like bat out of hell best fix and bang for the buck

Guys I just installed the jet kit on my Goldwing...OMG what a difference just a few sizes larger makes!! So smooth across the power more flat spot off idle. Thank you..thank you...thank you!

I will tell all my buddies about you guys!
Never done this before but job was very easy. Delivery to The Netherlands was very fast (within a week).
If someone needs more performance this kit is perfect for the job as well as the customer service.
These guys know what's going on installed my kit on 1983 interceptor 750 and it runs so much better it's like night & day!
I had a little tuning problem contacted carbjets & john responded
immediatly to me and his info was spot on.
Thank you rick
I too was a skeptic, I used the calculator and glad I did. My 1985 Honda shadow VT500C runs like a completely different bike! I had a slight bog when opening the throttle from an idle. Problem solved. :) Will use again if I put the MAC pipes on.
Jet kit is easy to install. My honda 1100 runs great. It gets about four miles to gallon better mileage.
I have a 1985 Honda elite 150 and highly recommend this kit for better performance. Provides smoother idling, better throttle response in the low, mid and high range. Better for speeds above 55mph. No more running lean at wot that would ruin your engine. Highly recommend getting this kit. Fast shipping and great customer service.
Thank God for I bought a 1984 Honda Shadow Vt700c that needed a lot of tlc. So I have been working on it for the past 6 months. Got everything done but just couldn't get it running right, sordid a little research and figured out that I needed to rejet the carbs after replacing the exhaust with aftermarket pipes and getting rid of the stock air cleaner system. I came to this site knowing nothing about rejetting except where the jets go. The guide was a life savers just plugged in my info and bingo it told me exactly what I needed. I installed the new jets and it purrs like a cat...runs perfectly, thanks thumbs up!
Wow that was fast!! Can't wait to put it in the Rebel this Saturday
Jet kit calculator saved trial and error. Kit solved problem of low and midrange hesitation completly on Honda Rebel with aftermarket pipes.