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This Weeks Deals! This Weeks Deals!

From our Customers

Orderd from Canada had jets in hand in under a week ,good prices , fast service excellant.... highly recommended.
Wow that was fast!! Can't wait to put it in the Rebel this Saturday
Purchased the BRT-36 for my 96 Honda Magna. Great application!! Using clear lens the red LEDs look and equal the glow of the break light. Neither over power the other. Looks Great!! If motorists don't see my break lights now they''re not pay attention!! Great Product!! Thanks!!
It's like my bike was sleepwalking, prior to these bigger jets being installed. It runs like a beast, now. And no more backfiring. I'm assuming that it fixed my fuel economy as well, as it was running very lean, prior, due to air modifications, and debaffle. Full throttle has so much more power, now. Feels like +100cc power added to my bike.

Big thank!
This has been the best money I've spent on my bike yet. All of my lean issues: roll-on studder, deceleration popping, high egts are completely eliminated. The bike has a lot more punch and low end. Feels like a completely different bike. Installation instructions are excellent, shipping was extremely fast, and quality of parts is high. I will definitely use Carbjetkits.com in the future for any other projects I have.
Guy, fast delivery result 100 0/0 my carbs smooth ride.
Totally worth to buy kit. My Honda VT700 1985 changed a lot, more power, better idle, no hesitation at 1/4 throttle. You made this bike super now
Hi, after getting the jets installed and getting the bike back together i was so wanting to take it for a spin. the throttle response with it sitting in the driveway was how can I say it AWESOME.
after letting the week of rain pass i was able to take the bike for a 22 mile trip, let me tell you the response from the bike is the difference between night and day. "WOW" a great upgrade to the 1500 and was needed over 40k miles ago. this is the best the bike has ever ran. Thank You, Thank You
This is what need it after filter and exhaust mod great parts fast delivery thanks
I have never done any carb work on any motorcycles but thought I would try it. I ordered it on a Tuesday and received my kit on the very next friday very fast I like that. So now I have my weekend project the online instruction seem pretty clear and easy but there is two things that have me a little concerned about tho I have a v65 magna and the instructions showing up are on a v45 and does not look the same as mine but the basics I guess are. The other thing is I received my kit with four main jets and two different sizes and I didn't see anywhere what jets go where on the instruction but iam sure illbsee where they go when I get the old ones out and when I do ill write another review. SO FAR SEEMS TO BE THE BEST PLACE FOR ALL THE JETTING NEEDS AND 100% LOVE THE CARB JET CALCULATER.
added a mac 4-2 to my cb1000c, ran so lean it turned the new pipes bronze, polished them back to chrome and installed the new jets, it may actually run better than before
Hey guys,
Jets came in today, installed them and a new K7N pod filter and I LOVE the horsepower increase !
This was a quick,painless and awesome order !
Thanks Much
your Jet kit really made my bike come alive it really runs strong and good im very happy Thank you i have told all my friends
performed a miracle on my forever lean-running 1984 gl1200 that seemed to have no cure for mid-range
stumble and hesitation...tx
Worked like a charm very easy