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This Weeks Deals! This Weeks Deals!

From our Customers

I have a 1985 Honda elite 150 and highly recommend this kit for better performance. Provides smoother idling, better throttle response in the low, mid and high range. Better for speeds above 55mph. No more running lean at wot that would ruin your engine. Highly recommend getting this kit. Fast shipping and great customer service.
WOW !!!! I thought the speed fairy had visited me during the night !! This kit was a breeze to install. And then came the FUN part.......Driving the newly found Beast within.......It was like the bike is on a full time adrenaline rush, more power, better acceleration, better everything !! If you have made ANY mods to your bike, you own it to yourself AND your bike to install the correct kit for your mods from these guys.........
Jet Kit Worked Great Better performance all round 1999 VLX 600
Hi, after getting the jets installed and getting the bike back together i was so wanting to take it for a spin. the throttle response with it sitting in the driveway was how can I say it AWESOME.
after letting the week of rain pass i was able to take the bike for a 22 mile trip, let me tell you the response from the bike is the difference between night and day. "WOW" a great upgrade to the 1500 and was needed over 40k miles ago. this is the best the bike has ever ran. Thank You, Thank You
I purchased a jet kit based of your jet calculator and it's spot on! I never knew my bike could perform like it does now. Thank y'all for the awesome product, fast shipping and detailed installation instructions.
performed a miracle on my forever lean-running 1984 gl1200 that seemed to have no cure for mid-range
stumble and hesitation...tx
1994 honda magna 750 cc. it big difference than before very smooth throttle more faster more respond more gas. I very glad
Ordered the Ultimate CarbJetKit for my '07 Honda Sabre. Installed and worked great. I have a few questions, called CarbJetKit guy and he took care of us.
Previous owner of a 2000 Honda Magna changed out the pipes but did not re-jet carbs so it would only run with choke on...I re-jetted with recommended set and bike is running like a champ now! Great price and recommendation.
I am very happy with the Jet Kit that I purchased. My 1986 Honda Shadow has never ran this good. This kit fixed my hesitation problem and my motorcycle has lots of power for a 700cc engine. Thank you for making my experience with your company and your jet kits so convenient.
I placed pods on my 1982 honda nighthawk 750. Barely running. Placed your kit. Fantastic. Starts and runs great. Thanks
I installed a carbon fiber slip-on and your jet kit at the same time on my '95 CB1000 , I can't believe it's the same bike!!! All this performance for $19.95 is crazy! Thanks again!
Got K&N stock air filter and some new exhaust pipes. Used the wizard to size the jets. Bought the full jet kit with the shims and installed. Bike runs great! Needs very little choke to start. Very little warm up time. Runs smooth.
Used the calculator to get what kit in need for my Magna, with cobra pipes, and K&N air filter. Put it in the kit, and the bike runs great, no more throttle lag.
Great price ,great service,wish everything in life could work this way.
Flawless from the jet calc to install, these folks are providing a heck of a service to bikers. Support them by making your bike run awesome.