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This Weeks Deals! This Weeks Deals!

From our Customers

This is what need it after filter and exhaust mod great parts fast delivery thanks
I had the carbs rebuilt and installed. the bike would not idel quite right. I installed the jet kit and wow what a difference the engine is now smooth and the power is far better.
Very simple and succinct. Installation straightforward. Results were what I expected. Bike runs great. Loved the jet kit calculator----spot on.
Thank God for carbjetkits.com I bought a 1984 Honda Shadow Vt700c that needed a lot of tlc. So I have been working on it for the past 6 months. Got everything done but just couldn't get it running right, sordid a little research and figured out that I needed to rejet the carbs after replacing the exhaust with aftermarket pipes and getting rid of the stock air cleaner system. I came to this site knowing nothing about rejetting except where the jets go. The guide was a life savers just plugged in my info and bingo it told me exactly what I needed. I installed the new jets and it purrs like a cat...runs perfectly, thanks carbjetkit.com...two thumbs up!
The kit was perfect and the bike runs great. What was most valuable was the system in place to calculate the correct jets for specific setup. It made it easy. I didn't need them but I looked at the instructions and they were well written so some one who did not know much about their carb can install these kits.
Incredible. I installed your jet kit on my 1985 Honda Shadow VT700C. Before your kit the bike dogged at low rpm. Now she runs like a new bike. I am amazed and pleased beyond words.
I received the Honda VF1100S saber 1984-85 Ultimate Jet kit - Hvf1100s84 and installed it the day I received it The V4 is a real pain to remove and in stall the carbs ..

My 1984 V65 Saber has a K&N filter in stock air box with Cobra F1 slip-on Mufflers, stock ignition..

I had a flat spot in the rpm range at 5500-6500rpm,a lean condition. With the ultimate kit and adjusting the float levels to the required 7.5mm(9/32) One float level was not in the required range,with two shims per needle transformed the performance machine pulling strong to 9800 rpm.

The jetting was spot on! The pilot screws where adjusted and final location was 2 turns out from being seated.

After a strong road test I checked the sparkplugs and they showed the correct fuel mixture (very light gray ,no soot).

Engine idles smoothly no over rich conditions. Very nice preforming setup.

I'm the original owner of this bike from NEW in 1984.

Yes I'm an old Dude,70 yrs old still turning wrenches on motorcycles and cars.

Thanks for a great kit,
Have V&H pipes and K&N (big fan of ampersands) filter on an '03 Magna. Now cranks cold with no choke, smooth through the power band and I haven't really thought about it, but I think the decel pop is gone.
WHat can I say? This jet kit combined with a K&N filter and V&H pipes makes the bike run better than I knew it could! I cheated myself by not doing the re-jet sooner!
Outstanding Web Site. Great Service. My Honda Shadow runs better than I ever imagined it would!!!!!!!
Great place to buy from. Easy to install & now my bike runs great! Thanks CarbJetKits!
I built a Honda Bobber from my VLX 600 and had an issue after adding my after market parts but with the help of these guys Jet Kit Calculator my bike now runs like a champ!
My 94 Magna had sat for over 8 years and now she is running great again thanks to the your product. Lower RPM would bog down and make the exhast pop and snap until I replaced the plague plagued pilot jets. Now she runs better than new. Thanks Gang. If you don't have one make sure you order the D-Tool, cant beat it for the price.
Ordered 4 idles and 4 mains. Calculator was right on. Put these in my 94 CBR600F2. It had sat for 10 years. I cleaned jets to get running and ran for 1 year. Ordered these to replace. Took it out for a test run. Seems smooth and powerful. Still need to set idle air mixture screws. But so far so good. D tool will help with adjustment. Will follow up when tuned in 100%. But for now looks really good.
Hi, after getting the jets installed and getting the bike back together i was so wanting to take it for a spin. the throttle response with it sitting in the driveway was how can I say it AWESOME.
after letting the week of rain pass i was able to take the bike for a 22 mile trip, let me tell you the response from the bike is the difference between night and day. "WOW" a great upgrade to the 1500 and was needed over 40k miles ago. this is the best the bike has ever ran. Thank You, Thank You