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This Weeks Deals! This Weeks Deals!

From our Customers

wizard was great jetting works perfect, wifeys bike runs great! A+++
The "D" tool and jets arrived quickly, and where exactly as advertised. The tool works excellent. I will be ordering from Carbjetkits.com from now on.
Jet size calculator is a very useful tool. Answered the queations and ordered recomended size jets. They arrived sooner than expected. Poduct fits and easy to intstall. Highly recommend your site.
Totally happy with your jet kit, quick shipping, and customer service/including fast email response! This was the first time I ever broke carbs down and couldn't believe how easy it was to re-jet...instructions were clear and concise.

I switched my 86 Shadow from stock air intake to pod filters, added after market pipes, and the handy calculator helped take the guessing out of the equation. Performance has improved dramatically! Thank you!
Orderd from Canada had jets in hand in under a week ,good prices , fast service excellant.... highly recommended.
Worked like a charm very easy
The jet kit I received work WONDERFUL. I have a 1988 Honda Hurricane (CBR1000f) and everyone online talks about how difficult it is to get the carbs right with cone filters. I used the calculator on carbjetkits.com and my bike started right up and runs EXCELLENT.
I wont buy jet kits anywhere else.
I've needed a carb jet kit for a year now for my 2012 Honda Rebel and Hovent found a decent priced one anywhere. I contacted carbjetkits website through the "contact us" link and within 45 minutes they had added my jet kit to their products line AND their Jet Kit Calculator. Outstanding customer Service!
Bought this jet kit for a 2009 Honda Rebel that was experiencing lean mixture problems. Although I haven't ridden the bike much since installing the kit, the time I have the off idle flat spot and the mid throttle surge are gone. Bike runs great now.
your Jet kit really made my bike come alive it really runs strong and good im very happy Thank you i have told all my friends
Guy, fast delivery result 100 0/0 my carbs smooth ride.
1994 honda magna 750 cc. it big difference than before very smooth throttle more faster more respond more gas. I very glad
Great product. Thanks for making it so quick and easy for me to find the parts I need for the extream mods on my bike. No more pop and crack in my exhaust.......I also apreiciate the excelent and prompt service. You get good reviews and recomendations on the honda forums and now I know why.
The kit was priced right, easy to install and customer service from the seller was quick to respond with clear answers. The kit worked as indicated. great deal.
two years and many dollars later you fix my bike for under 49 dollars you guys rock!!!!thank you so much your online calculations were spot on thanks!!
Just finished Honda CB 750 K main jet up and needle shims and although this is my first time working on motorcycle carbs at all the instructions on the sight were easily followed even though example did not match exactly what I had.. The instal went by smoothly. After removing carbs the install of jets and shims took about ten minutes..
Loved the jets