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This Weeks Deals! This Weeks Deals!

From our Customers

My 94 Magna had sat for over 8 years and now she is running great again thanks to the your product. Lower RPM would bog down and make the exhast pop and snap until I replaced the plague plagued pilot jets. Now she runs better than new. Thanks Gang. If you don't have one make sure you order the D-Tool, cant beat it for the price.
Incredible. I installed your jet kit on my 1985 Honda Shadow VT700C. Before your kit the bike dogged at low rpm. Now she runs like a new bike. I am amazed and pleased beyond words.
I am very happy with the Jet Kit that I purchased. My 1986 Honda Shadow has never ran this good. This kit fixed my hesitation problem and my motorcycle has lots of power for a 700cc engine. Thank you for making my experience with your company and your jet kits so convenient.
Was very pleased with product and seller.
Never done this before but job was very easy. Delivery to The Netherlands was very fast (within a week).
If someone needs more performance this kit is perfect for the job as well as the customer service.
This company has their **** together. I just bought a jet kit using their jet kit calculaotor for my 2000 Honda vlx 600. After buying a high performance air filter and different (louder pipes) They hit the jet sizes right on. (I have great performance & plug readings) It was shipped for free, and in my mail box in 3 days! Not to mention a super great deal. I was looking into spending around 75 bones on a name brand jet kit. Got what I needed from them for 16. THUMBS UP FOR CARBJETKITS.COM !!
Jet kit calculator saved trial and error. Kit solved problem of low and midrange hesitation completly on Honda Rebel with aftermarket pipes.
Advice and great service. About jet sizes for my bike and intake pipes and running the 104 octane. Recommend.
I got the parts in just a few days and they made a major difference on my VT1100 Sabre. Improved responsiveness and faster warmups. No more popping either. Don't waste your money on other kits.
It's like my bike was sleepwalking, prior to these bigger jets being installed. It runs like a beast, now. And no more backfiring. I'm assuming that it fixed my fuel economy as well, as it was running very lean, prior, due to air modifications, and debaffle. Full throttle has so much more power, now. Feels like +100cc power added to my bike.

Big thank!
For the price you can't beat it cured the poor idle throttle response and overall performance .. Highly recommend
Re-jetted a 2005 250 Rebel with the ultimate kit. Bike is now ready to run in about 2 minutes, accelerates all the way to red line, NO MORE 20 MINUTE WARM UP TIME. Best money spent on the bike.
Got K&N stock air filter and some new exhaust pipes. Used the wizard to size the jets. Bought the full jet kit with the shims and installed. Bike runs great! Needs very little choke to start. Very little warm up time. Runs smooth.
Got my jets in today and they look great and are just what I ordered. Thanks guys.
I put pods on my 1982 honda nighthawk 750. Wouldn't hardly run. Placed your kit. Fantastic improvement. Thank you
I received the Honda VF1100S saber 1984-85 Ultimate Jet kit - Hvf1100s84 and installed it the day I received it The V4 is a real pain to remove and in stall the carbs ..

My 1984 V65 Saber has a K&N filter in stock air box with Cobra F1 slip-on Mufflers, stock ignition..

I had a flat spot in the rpm range at 5500-6500rpm,a lean condition. With the ultimate kit and adjusting the float levels to the required 7.5mm(9/32) One float level was not in the required range,with two shims per needle transformed the performance machine pulling strong to 9800 rpm.

The jetting was spot on! The pilot screws where adjusted and final location was 2 turns out from being seated.

After a strong road test I checked the sparkplugs and they showed the correct fuel mixture (very light gray ,no soot).

Engine idles smoothly no over rich conditions. Very nice preforming setup.

I'm the original owner of this bike from NEW in 1984.

Yes I'm an old Dude,70 yrs old still turning wrenches on motorcycles and cars.

Thanks for a great kit,