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This Weeks Deals! This Weeks Deals!

From our Customers

I have 3 Honda Magnas, 2001, 2000 and a 1999 all with Cobra slashcut pipes that have never been jetted for the pipes. I ordered the jet set from CARBJETSET with both sets of jets and shims for the needles and installed them on the 2000 model and OMG what a difference. No more lag on takeoffs or shifting, better power all around. The jets are half the price of Dynojet or Cobra jets and no drilling. GREAT technical support and very fast shipping. I plan on getting 2 more sets for the other 2 Magnas. Good job CARBJETSET.
WHat can I say? This jet kit combined with a K&N filter and V&H pipes makes the bike run better than I knew it could! I cheated myself by not doing the re-jet sooner!
Just installed calculator jet kit on my 1982 honda cb 650 with moderate mods. Main jet 135 and pilot jet 38 along with two needle shims recommended fuel mixture adjustment of two turns was dead on for my set up. Have already recommended carbjetkits.com to others. Great job and thank you for the great service.
This is a great deal. I used the calculator to determine what kit I needed, then ordered it and it works like a charm.
thanks the jets fixxed my problem thanks
This is the way that online transactions are suppose to work. i have been bugging this guy for like 2 weeks with all sorts of questions, he always has an answer. the shipping and prices cant be beat i have looked. ordered on Thursday had it in my hands on Monday. You have just got a customer for LIFE! Thanks for the parts and know how.
howdy. my name is Jimmy. I don't have a question for you, just a remark on my recent purchase of a 2000 shadow vt600 jet kit. it did an awesome job! thank you very much. it was waaaaaaaaay waaaay cheaper than anything on ebay and i was a little leery at first but hott damn. my bike shits and gets now with no hesitation like it had before hand. thanks again for making a quality product without breaking the bank. if anyone ask me about jet kits, i'll be sending them ya'lls way!
i was leary of using aftermarket and not OEM jets on my 94 cbr1000f but this kit from the calculator +3 mains +1 pilots +2 shims worked flawlessly. i installed kit for a richer mix and power performance. i was very happy with the kit. superfast shipping and great jet size upgrade. i recomend using the calculator.
Have V&H pipes and K&N (big fan of ampersands) filter on an '03 Magna. Now cranks cold with no choke, smooth through the power band and I haven't really thought about it, but I think the decel pop is gone.
I have a 1979 Honda CX 500 and I recently made some modifications (air pods, 2 to 1 exhaust). I noticed my vehicle wasn't on the list, so I e-mailed CarbJetKits and asked for the specs. 2 days later they sent me a link to a page. I clicked the link and there it was. They had created a page for my bike in 2 days! I ordered the kit, installed it (Very Easy) and now 'ol Dorothy is running cleaner, smoother and stronger than she ever has! Thanks CJK!
Thanks guys, your no drill, stage two kit really brought my bike to life. It starts easier, idles smoother, and no longer shutters under wide open throttle! great kit!
I ordered these from a recommendation from the HondaShadow.net forums, and I'm certainly glad that I did. The Shadow tended to be a bear on cold starts, but since installing these jets and the needle valve shim, it starts right up. There's no more coughing or sputtering, and I can be on my way in two minutes, just enough time to gear up! I'll definitely order another set if I make any modifications to my setup, and the calculator takes all the guess work out of it. Definitely recommended.
Great is all I have to say from the calculator shipping price and the best part how to do it. I was going to pay someone 100 $ to jet my honda cmx250 but I did it in 30 minutes with ease. Highly recommended to all.
I purchased a jet kit based of your jet calculator and it's spot on! I never knew my bike could perform like it does now. Thank y'all for the awesome product, fast shipping and detailed installation instructions.
Great price and very fast shipping thanks for shipping USPS.
Ordered larger jets for my 86 vf700c magna and was very satisfied bike runs like new. Thanks again! !