04/14/2016, 15:29

"Great customer service and price! Fast delivery! Got my Honda 250 Nighthawk running great with no dead spots . No more long waits to warm up from cold. Started it at 30 degrees F.
I'll also add to pull the resistors out of the spark plug caps and then set plug gap to .035 in. from the too small .020-.030 in.


04/10/2016, 14:30

"For the price you can't beat it cured the poor idle throttle response and overall performance .. Highly recommend "


04/08/2016, 15:58

"2002 Honda Magna 750 jet kit
I asked and got help on what I needed ,ordered the kit on a Sunday and they arrived on Thursday,this is Friday ,installed them today to carbjets specks and with out tweaking the air/fuel mix screw, and only a quick ride down the road only to 50 mph [ It started to snow ] and holey cow what a difference .I still need to remove two baffles that was not removed from before I bought the bike and tweak and synchronize the carbs .Great advice and Great parts.


04/05/2016, 12:54

"Absolutely wonderful customer service! The representatives helped me choose the correct jets for my bike. The shipping was relatively fast, too. All I can say is that my bike (1984 Honda Sabre Custom Fighter/Cafe Racer) loves the new jets. Thanks for the great customer service and the great product. Will definitely do business with y'all for any and all projects from now on!"


03/06/2016, 05:45

"Very pleased with my 94 Magna jet kit. This bike runs like a dog with it's ass on fire. Thanks a bunch!"


02/22/2016, 11:21

"Unleased the beast hiding in my 2000 honda shadow 600. My bike is known to be a bit sluggish but I love it anyway. After slip on mufflers, high flow air filter, 4 degree advanced timing and a jet kit from carbjetkits my bike has power all across the band. Now there's no hesitation off the line and a little twist of the throttle will put a smile on my face. Warm up use to take a good 5-10min. Now she's ready to go as soon as i get my helmet and gloves on."


02/02/2016, 13:32

"1984 Honda V65 1100 Sabre. The I purchased a set of new jets,now she runs like a dream,fast shipping,great info great product,thank you!! "


01/27/2016, 10:15

"Jet kit calculator saved trial and error. Kit solved problem of low and midrange hesitation completly on Honda Rebel with aftermarket pipes."


01/23/2016, 23:41

"Order was processed and delivered quickly! there was a small mix up in jet size but they responded to my email resolving the matter at 11PM EST on a Saturday night! CarbJetKits.com got themselves a customer for life! I will recommend to everyone I can!"


01/16/2016, 19:00

"1/16/16 POD FILTER jey kit.

I just installed this jet kit. on my 85 vt500 bobber. I used both shims and PLESE NOTE MY SLIDES ARE DRILLED.

I set the A/F screws at the stock setting of 2.25 turns out. She fired up cold; 50* outside temp; instantly. WITHOUT choke but with winter time spark plugs. I set the idle and took her out. SHE RAN like a raped Ape. Fast as hell.

Thank you Carbjetkit for taking the time and R&D to find the PERFECT set-up for this mod. AWESOME JOB guys/gals.





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