Honda VF750C Magna 1994-2003 VF750C2 Ultimate

Ultimate Jet kit for the Honda VF750C Magna 1994-2003 VF750C2
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A Quality Carburetor Jet Kit designed by CarbJetKits


Please insure that the Model and Year of your Motorcycle matches with the model and year of this jet kit.

Modifications to the air intake and/or Exhaust system to your motorcycle will change the air/fuel mixture to your carburetors causing a lean running condition.

Honda VF750C C2 Magna 1994-2003 Jet Kit.


Honda VF750C Magna 1988 Custom jet Kit

This Custom Jet Kit allows you to select the jets you need.
Stock main and pilot jet sizes are indicated with a *
Select a second and third main jet with different size is optional, but allows you to fine tune and find the best main jet for optimal performance.
Optionally, add one or two shims to your slide needle to allow for better mid range performance.


Kit includes 4 new Main Jets  sized up (#105, #108 or #110) from stock and 2 shims per carb.

Pilot Jets sized up. (#42)

Not sure if this the right Jet kit is for your Bike?

Based on altitude, temperature and modifications made to your Bike,

the Jet Kit calculator will suggest a Jet kit for optimal performance and throttle reponse!

Select this Jet Kit or use our Jet Kit Calculator


Our Kits Includes everything for all Carbs!
Only one kit needed!

Improves cold start,
decreases deceleration popping,
boost performance.
The only Jet Kit that includes Pilot Jets!

This kit is everything you need for increased throttle performance
 from idle to full throttle response!
If you have any questions in regards to this jet kit,
please contact us before purchase.
Installation instructions with lots of images is part of the kit  (see below).

We stock 10,000's of Carburetor Jets, float valves and fuel screws.


Also available for your Honda VF750C C2 Magna 1994-2003 .

Replacement Fuel Screw 16016MAS670: Show me in new window


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the jet Kits for all carburetors or for one Carburetor?

A: You only need 1 Jet Kit for your Motorcycle.  If your motorcycle has two carburetors, you will receive two sets, if your motorcycle has 4 carburetors, you will receive 4 sets.

Q: What are the needle shims for?

A: Needle shims are used to raise the needle to allow for increased fuel delivery mainly during mid range RPM's. This is a cheaper but effective alternative to so called tapered needles. 2 needle shims are comparable to 1 clip position on the expensive needles. In combination with a better Pilot Jet, shimmed needles are highly effective.

Q: Why do you include Pilot Jets?

A: We are the only supplier of carburetor jet Kits providing Pilot Jets in our Jet Kits. The Pilot Jets are very effective in decreasing deceleration popping, improving cold start and low RPM performance. Combined with needle shims and better Main Jets, a total RPM range improvement is established.

Q: Is the Jet Kit easy to install?

A: Install Guide Download

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About CarbJetKits

CarbJetKits is the leading provider for easy to use, cost effective and optimal carburetor Jet Kits for Motorcycles.

Modifications to the air intake and/or Exhaust system to your motorcycle will change the air/fuel mixture to your carburetors causing a lean running condition.

CarbJetKits provides Jet Kits to compensate for the lean running condition.

Lean running conditions can destroy your engine and decreases overall performance.

CarbJetKits Jet kits are easy to install and do NOT require drilling the needle slides

Please contact us if you need any additional assistance


Purchased this set up for my 2002. The throttle response, torque curve and gas mileage have all improved with the installation of this kit!! Exceptional customer service and FAST processing/shipping set these folks as the go to source for carb jetting requirements.
These jets are great. I just de-baffled my magna, put the kit in and switched to a K&N air and it made quite a bit of a difference. I do however recommend changing your spark plugs when you do it because they will most likely foul out.
Got my Magna for 3 years now, just love this bike, never did anything to it, but after the winter I discovered that on the first season ride my carb bowls are leaking so decided to take it apart and sinco on the table I have ordered the jet kit for it 108/42 to take care of the lean problem. I also decided to upgrade the filter to K&N and remived the bafels for better sound. Kit was simple, 4 main jets, 4 pilots, 8 needle shims and the "D" tool for pilot screw. I used the calculator provided on the website to determine jet size. All was simple and easy. I had good experience. Price for the kit could be little better but parts for bikes are always expensive. Very recommend for any Magna owner that makes any changes to the lungs of the bike.
Ordered the jet kit on a Monday and they arrived the next day! Amazed at that.
The kit was complete, correct, and did exactly what it was supposed to do. What more could you ask for?
This has been the best money I've spent on my bike yet. All of my lean issues: roll-on studder, deceleration popping, high egts are completely eliminated. The bike has a lot more punch and low end. Feels like a completely different bike. Installation instructions are excellent, shipping was extremely fast, and quality of parts is high. I will definitely use in the future for any other projects I have.
Arriveds in good time. Now I need to find the time to install.
I should have done this along time ago! My bike has so much more pull! Great performance to cash ratio.. Don't waste time on chrome.. Buy a jet kit.
After installing the cobra slip on exhaust for my magna I decided to go with this kit to up the main jet from 102 to 105 and the pilot from 40 to 42. My experience thus far with this setup has been amazing, the bike opens up much sooner and the power is incredible. I feel that using the dynojet kit which comes with a 108 main jet would have been too much and the drilling turned me away from them too. This jet kit also helped remove the midrange leanness that the magnas tend to have on a stock jet setup. The only way to make this kit better is if they start selling it as a full rebuild kit.
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